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Charting Real Capitalism and Real Productivity
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TechVest Econometrics was born out of a venture capitalist and entrepreneurial mentality combining Silicon Valley Spirit with Germanic Precision. The fact that statistics can be made to lie makes the ongoing interpretation of and prediction from econometrics ever more important to today’s investor and tomorrow’s productive citizen. And the need to properly visualize economics is ever more critical to promoting the health of capitalism.

We try to show the deeper “real” economics behind the headlines (and the fog), as visually as possible. Complexity made simpler. TechVest Econometrics presents our decidedly free-economy capitalistic view of investment economics, one driven specifically by technology advancement. Real economic progress comes NOT through Progressivist redistribution, but instead requires economic added value, derived from real velocity and real acceleration of real productivity and real technology. Deflation and inflation are both corruptions of real value. The changes needed are fundamental and drastic. Core principles (including those in the Constitution) have been eroded. Leadership from behind puts us even further behind. Public Growth is an oxymoron. Private Growth has been un-learned. Jobs and technology are the engines of wealth, wealth is an engine for more jobs. There is only one way forward: free the Private Economy to again generate capital by efficiently deploying every tool and technology. Repeat productively. Our thesis: deeper knowledge is eventually profitable, so long as we do something productive with the knowledge...

Every two weeks since 2011, we have been writing at some length, the equivalent of about a page a day, to illustrate and simplify the real econometric world. Recently, we added a second topical Newsletter dealing with Biometrics, the measurement of Life and Life Extension, which will be related to the coming transformation of health care by Stem Cell Therapies, which we call StemX.

One might think this would result in a daily blog, and that is tempting, but proper perspective is missing in such daily missives. Today’s news may be intriguing or exciting, but may well not represent reality the next day. A case in point: unemployment statistics. While we believe in a soul of brevity, charts and graphs are not brief things. The context is important to any chance that the information presented might be decisive.

The “invisible hand” which might be thought of as part of a natural tendency of the economy to grow and heal itself through micro-transactions smoothing the gaps and challenges of growth, is too often giving way to the “visible hand” of government, sometimes seen (or unseen) as the “hidden hand.” Government is generally the gorilla in any room, forced through politics (by voters or by the arrogated power of political leaders) to try to artificially stimulate growth and compassion and healing through its big-fisted power and massive hammers that can indeed quickly pound any dire situation into submission for a time. Alas, only for a limited time, as natural market forces rebound even on the most powerful government controls. Dire situations are compounded, and economic dictatorship eventually hits a self-erected wall. Or utterly destroys the capitalist economy which grows wealth through free-market competitive productivity.

We can only hope that the damage of government is held in check and minimized, while the productive private economy is allowed to bloom...

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